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Distributing Things

In a landscape there are many things that might be distributed around the scene: Trees, rocks, sheep, flowers, patches of grass to name a few. The Distribution shader provides a means to do just that. The sample project file for … Continue reading

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What’s a Fractal, and Why should I Care?

For a detailed and very well written answer to “What’s a Fractal”, have a look at the Wikipedia entry. As for the “Why should I care?” part of the question, let’s have a very short look at what a fractal … Continue reading

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Hitting the Slopes

In the previous post, I discussed the Altitude constraints tab on the Surface layer shader.  Today let’s have a look at the next tab over, the Slope constraints. The whole project file for this post is available here. Conceptually the … Continue reading

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Let It Snow! Using the Altitude Shader

Shaders are at the core of many of the cool things you can do with Terragen 2.  Simply put, a shader colors the pixels on the landscape using some sort of formula.  There are many different shaders that offer many … Continue reading

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Why read about Terragen 2 here?

Terragen 2 is an awesome program for creating computer-generated landscapes.  The trouble is, it’s not very well documented and not always intuitive.  There is some documentation and there are a few good tutorials, but for the most part the best … Continue reading

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