Why read about Terragen 2 here?

Terragen 2 is an awesome program for creating computer-generated landscapes.  The trouble is, it’s not very well documented and not always intuitive.  There is some documentation and there are a few good tutorials, but for the most part the best strategy I found is to ask specific questions in their forum or just learn by trial and error.

I started a fairly ambitious, long-term personal project with Terragen 2 and am learning a lot of things that are obvious to long time users but maybe not so obvious to new users like myself.

My approach is to start with the simple and build up to the complex.

It’s a small extra step to write down my discoveries and do so hoping it will help others in the same situation.

To get the most out of this blog, please familiarize yourself with the documentation that is available.  I’m not going to talk about basic operation of the program, but rather about parts that I experiment with to reach my goals.

Here are some good places to learn the basics before returning here.

Terragen 2 Documentation
Creating Your First Scene

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