Glow in the Dark

I wanted to create a moonlit scene with a few luminescent plants brightening things up. Here’s how it works…

Start by importing an object into your scene. In my case I chose Myosotis from

Note the Surface shader called Multi shader 01 (the exact name in your scene might vary). We’re going to edit that now.

Click on the green plus sign, then select Go to “Multi shader 01”.

This reveals separate shaders for the flower, leaf and stem.

Again using the green plus, edit the shader for Flower1

Looks like this:

Crank up the Luminosity (here I changed it from 0 to 0.0323) and pick a color (something cyan-ish in my case).

Let’s have a look at the result:

Now let’s add some luminosity to the flowers and stems as well

Here’s what it looks like:

The colors are a bit too luminescent for my taste, here’s the result after tweaking down the luminosity parameters a bit and zooming in closer:

Finally let’s turn up the GI (Global Illumination) settings of the renderer as suggested by Oshyan.

Looks a bit better, but took 9 minutes to render with the new settings vs. around 3 and a half minutes with the original GI values.    

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