To Hell and Back


My upcoming roll playing game session involves the Abyss. This tutorial is a walkthrough of how I re-created that place in TG2. Here’s a preview of the final product


For the land, I created a standard fractal heightmap in the background for higher hills and a fractal heightmap in the foreground for the main part of the scene, with the Feature scale reduced to 200 from the default 2000.


The Earth’s sky appears blue because our atmosphere scatters blue photons. TG2 re-creates that appearance in the Atmosphere section using the Bluesky Horizon Color


Let’s change that color to Fire Engine Red

Much more Abyss-like (or so I imagine).

For a darker horizon, make the Haze horizon colour a darker shade of grey.


It feels like the Abyss needs a cracked floor. A little research on the Planetside forums turned up just the ticket: I marked all of the nodes in the Advanced Cracks group and exported as a clip file

Then just imported in my own scene and hooked up the same way it’s hooked up in the sample from the forum.

Give the Cracks node a more hellish color

Now for a few twisted, dead trees. I found a decent, free set on ShareCG. A sparse population of each of the three types gives just the desired look.

The Abyss needs a cracked, dried floor. FrankB’s Advanced Cracks is just the ticket.

Here’s what we have so far:

Lava, First Try

It just wouldn’t be the Abyss without some Lava. I added a generated heightfield, used a vertical adjust to multiply the height by -1 (so that it becomes a depression) and added a lake over the same spot. For the lake shader, I used a seamless lava texture as the luminosity image from

Here’s what the lake looks like:



Now for the final touch, the Abyss would not be complete without some smoke. I used a Cumulus layer with the color set rather dark and the density dialed down quite low. The feature scale for the density fractal is also 1/10th as large as the default.


Lava Lake, Redo

After playing around with different camera locations, I realized that the seamless texture for the lava lake can look bad when viewed from a distance due to the repeating nature of the texture. For the final version, I replaced the seamless texture with a fractal one.

The output of the Tile creation portion of the Advanced cracks node group provides the perfect input. I pass that output through an Inverse scalar node (turns black into white and vice versa) and into two surface shaders

Here’s a shot of the final version

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